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To whom it may concern: During the beginning of the second semester of my freshman year at the University of Richmond, I received notification that I was on academic probation. As a freshman, I attempted to focus on a degree in Pre-Med and enrolled in courses such as calculus and biology instead of the freshman core curriculum. Academically, I was not prepared for the challenges of those courses. I was not surprised, but very disappointed when I received notification of my academic status. I met with the Dean and discussed the situation with him as well. He advised and assisted me in developing a plan that would enable me to regain good academic standing. The plan consists of having open discussions with my professors when I recognize that I need help understanding course work, seeking a tutor if needed and spending more time in my studies. This…show more content…
I was not surprised, but very disappointed when I received notification of my Academic Probation. I met with the Dean and explained the situation to him as well. My first year at the University of Richmond proved to be a very difficult experience for me and my grades suffered as a result. I am certainly not attempting to make excuses for my poor academic performance, but would like to explain the circumstances. As a freshman, I understood that the rigors of taking 18hrs credit hours of class work would be challenging. I thought I could handle the workload and I still believe that I could have, except that both my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother become very ill while I attended Richmond. As my parents first born child, I was extremely close to my grandparents. I became emotionally distraught concerning their conditions and it began to affect my ability to focus on my studies. They each have since passed with cancer, nearly 8 months

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