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Jessica Estevez ECE 300 H2AW December 12, 2012 Professor Saravia-Shore Organizing for Change Letters Dear Jean Anyon, After reading your essay Radical Possibilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and a New Social Movement” it is safe to say that I agreed with you on many points. Living in an urban society your argument is as clear as day. Living in a neighborhood that is predominately African American and Latino, I cannot help but notice the lifestyles that these, my people have created for themselves simply because of a stereotype that the Caucasian members of society placed on us. Although I did not attend any school in this area, I do have many friends who have. From their experience they tell me how many of their teachers, most of them being Caucasian, would talk down to the and not help…show more content…
However for the few Caucasian students, my friends say that they were always pushed to succeed, not out of the doors. One of my friends, Brittney, would say how simply because her parents were on welfare that she felt as if she would just amount to that in her future if she did not have any support. That story stood out to me when you stated “a supportive and trusting environment provides ‘identity security’ to students, who are then emotionally more ready to challenge the stereotypical myths” (196). The previous quote really hit home for me. All it really takes is for one teacher, just one, to give you the extra push that you need to succeed academically. For me it was my high school history teacher Mr. Zigler. From my freshman to senior year of high school, Mr. Zigler would tutor me in all subjects to help me succeed and to help me get into advanced placement classes as well. Not only that, but I trusted him with everything, it was like he was my personal therapist in school, being that I didn’t have that at home. It was with his help that

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