Examples Of Institutional Racism

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Yufei Hua 1000067205 GGR124 ­ Assignment 1 Professor: Deborah Cowen TA: Madeleine Cahuas TUT 5301 Word Count:393 Engage the City Institutional racism, as one of the causes of urban inequality, is slowing down urban gentrification. Institutional racism is “discrimination based on both formal rules and common practices that are so widespread and so well established that they are taken for granted” as defined in the book “Starting Points: A Sociological Journey” (Tepperman, 2011, p.266). Thus, people sometimes are being racist without realizing it. Similarly, collateral damage might be already happening in the city before people’s awareness, urban inequality, for example. In Professor Hulchanski ’s work “Three cities within Toronto”, the existence of urban inequality and a trend of polarization are apparently admitted as…show more content…
Surprisingly, Hulchanski’s finding in “Three cities within Toronto” happened to agree to another document “Ferguson action: Our Vision for a New America” (2014, p.1). Black communities claimed that institutional discrimination is recognized and addressed. They want to achieve a true freedom where everyone has an equal opportunity to access a fair employment market, decent housing and affordable education which are currently affected by institutional racism to different extent. Shooting of Brown is just one of many incidents that provoke people to fight against institutional racism. Old habits die hard. This will be a long way to go, but the good news is that this is not a dead end as what Hulchanski pointed out in his own work: “a wealthy nation can use its resources to make a difference”(Hulchanski, 2007, p.21). Even though whether institutional racism is directly giving rise to urban inequality is not simply a yes­or­no question, the answer is not a simple “No”. In order for an overall urban gentrification, social elements should pave the way. References: lorne Tepperman (2011). Starting Points. A Sociological
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