Just Walk by

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Nichole English 99 Style and structure Just Walk on by 1. Staples mention Norman Podhoretz to show how people taken black people while black men in general on the streets of being in terror. Staples could have made the same points without referring to Podhoretz essay because he had similar experience with the women on the streets and business buildings. 2. I believe Staples using an anecdote at the beginning of the story is very effective because it gives the reader a better recognize the purpose and points of the story. There’s no other more effective way he could use that’s better than the anecdote. 3. Yes, Staples provides examples of stereotyping he use the story of the thug life, women feeling threatened, and people locking their doors when he walks by which supports his thesis and that is also representative. There are no other examples that could be more convincing because he use all of them and gives a brief description of them being black in the public eye on the streets. 4. Staple starts in a chorological order. He starts with periods of years in his life on how he became a target of racial profiling. Staples starts with a story “my first victim a woman white well dressed.” To start the tone of the essay he then describes how he kept a distance from the woman as she ran from him. He then continues with “in my first – I was to become the progeny familiar with the language of fear” where when he begin passing cars they started locking their doors. He then moves into the late 1970s and 1980s where he was working in Chicago and mistaken for a burglar. Then he ends with his present.
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