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“Just Walk On By” Brent Staples the author of “Just Walk On By” begins with his first ever victim, a well dress, early twenties white woman walking down the street in Hyde Park. It was late at night and Brent and the woman was the only one on the street. To Brent walking down the lone street at night seem normal but to the woman it wasn’t. The woman looked over to Brent with a worried glance thinking that the six feet two inches youngest black man with a bread would hurt her. After a couple quick glimpses to Brent the woman picked up her pace and was soon running away for him. By then Brent realized that because of the color of his skin people will perceive him as a thug. Brent is far from a thug, growing up he’s was a shy and timid person who wouldn’t hurt a fly and now a recent graduate from the University of Chicago people will still consider him as a one. After a year Brent moved to New York and was still treated the same way when he was back home. For instance Brent was casually walking down the street of Manhattan and he heard thunk, thunk, thunk of the car door. Furthermore another time was when Brent was rushing to his journalist office and the people called security because they thought that he was a burglar. Within the essay Brent expresses that because of the color of his skin he must take precautions when he’s in public. Precautions such as giving a wide berth to nervous people on the train, exchange business clothes for jeans and even not going in the building until the lobby is clear. Since he’s black people around him will only consider as a thug not as a college graduate or a journalist. As Brent expressed because black in society is like hikers wearing a cowbell when they know they are in bear

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