Summary Of Jabowski's Corner (Pop 484)

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Summary of Jabowski’s Corner Roads, buildings, signs, and even people change, but the memories you have will be with you forever. As Michael Perry, the author of the book Population: 485, reconnects with his hometown New Auburn he notices so much has changed while he was away. Perry tells stories and takes the readers on a journey about his memories of the town and people when he was living there as a child then later on as an adult. As Perry comes back to New Auburn he finds that the community has even changed towards him, even though Perry was just another “red neck” in town. “It was a fine moment, standing there sweaty in my T-shirt and bunkers, with this beautiful woman hugging me, and me remembering her spearmint kisses that first night on the basketball bus.” This quote is after Perry helps Tracy, a young girl who was driving too fast around Jabowski’s Corner and was in fatal shape. Perry and the rest of the EMTs did as much as they possibly could until a helicopter came to take Tracy to a larger hospital thirty minutes away. The locals could only do so much, and then it was time to let the “professionals” do the rest. After the accident Perry walked past a long row of cars that were backed up due to the accident. As Perry walks thinking to himself about what just happened a lady jumps out of her car and yells Michael’s name. It was Perry’s girlfriend from high school; she jumps on him and gives him a big hug. In one moment Perry recalls a random night that he would never have thought about if it wasn’t for him remembering the smell of her “spearmint kisses.” No words were needed to be said, all it took was his nostrils inhaling the sweet smell of her fresh breath and the memories flashed through his head. Being a paramedic, nurse, and firefighter, Perry tells some stories that are very sad and seems to put him into a lower mood. Some of the

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