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English mo2 11/9/11 Professor Scofano The Other Wes Moore Prompt:2 Two young men with the same name and grew up in the same neighborhood sounds a little impossible. For the two men in “The Other Wes Moore” it was not impossible it was there lives. Growing up in the same neighborhood you would think that there lives went in the same direction with the same out come, well that was not the case. The author of this book Wes Moore had a difficult life as well did the other Wes Moore, but the author is a successful decorated veteran, business leader and much more while the other is in prison for life. What made these two lives come out so different? The environments that the young men grew up in. There families played extremely large rolls in what became of the two Wes Moore’s lives, along with the neighborhood they grew up in to even there own mentality that they had developed for there life experiences. The neighborhoods that children grow up in will determine a lot about there personality and how they think they should behave. The other Wes as we read saw the flashiness of selling drugs, he just wanted the new clothes and shoes that Tony and the rest of the kids and teens had. While the author Wes did not exactly go that far, he went with lying to his friends about being hard and tuff and exaggerating on stories a little bit and ditching school. Both of them growing up in the same neighborhood had to deal with the same thing, Drugs, more specifically Crack . The area that they lived in had seen a sixty one percent jump in the crime rate. This was not your typical drug “Crack was different from the drugs that preceded it. It was crazy accessible and insanely potent and addictive”(Moore pg51). Everyone knows that your family plays an enormous part in your life as in the case of the Wes Moore’s. The author Wes came from a good family with high standards set for

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