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Dan Turton Eng Pd 9 1/25/12 Book Review “Using both harsh realism and a dose of the fanaticism, Myers introduces an inner city teen in the jaw of crisis.” (Publishers Weekly Review). Walter Dean Myers describes the drug, heroin in a very harsh way in the novel Dope Sick. In other words, he beivle that heroin could ruin your life. The drugs start when Jeremy, known as Lil J, a teen addict, is stealing pills form his mother, and injecting heroine into his veins to help him calm down. He notices that he has a kid, however doesn’t have any money to support him. His boy Rico says that he can make some quick cash therefore, Lil J participates in a drug sale that goes bad when the customer, an undercover cop, gets shot. Lil J and Rico threaten the cop and flee from the scene, however Rico goes back. Lil J hears, “BANG, BANG, BANG!”, three gunshots were fired and the cop is dead. Falsely blamed for the shooting, Jeremy goes into hiding in an…show more content…
His hallucinations reversed his views in the world. Jeremy wished that the last 24 hours of his life never happened and he’d do anything to change it. At the end of the novel, Kelly shoots Lil J’s gun out the apartment window. The S. W. A. T. team came into the apartment and threw smoke. In the smoke, they shot the person with the gun and it wasn’t Lil J instead it was “Kelly”. All of his hallucinations turned his life around and made Jeremy see life in whole new perspective. The ending is a debatable ending. For instance it wasn’t clear whether Kelly was the cop, his conscience, or his dad speaking to him. Also it wasn’t very clear in what happened to Jeremy. This was a great ending because this book always keeps you thinking but never find out what really happens. Clearly, Lil' J's life isn’t going into the right direction. This book has some of drug content and violence. It is more suited for young adults or older people who enjoy thinking when

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