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RAW The study of the novel “RAW” by Scott Monk, clearly deals with the issue “The Institution and the Individual experience”. This issue is a board topic, as both of these ideas are often contrary to one another. Firstly, what is an institution? An institution is a group or a body with a common aim of some kind. On the other hand, the individual is completely separate or unique from the group. The institution, in nature, is going to impact on the individual. In order to operate successfully, the institution must impose rules to maintain balance. The aspects of this issue which is highlighted in the prescribed text “Raw” by Scott Monk, includes the positive effect by the institution onto the individual, the negative effect of the institution…show more content…
The introduction begins with a group of students wearing the same uniform in an institution, Canterbury Boys High School. The documentary is about a boy, Frank. Who has personal problems inside and outside the institution. Similar to the novel “Raw”, Frank gets support from the authority when his request for a three day leave was granted by the Priencple and was given an advice to see his teachers for assessments and homework, as in the novel when Sam tells Brett that “…only you could change your life…”. Repetition is used for the name “frank” and “he” by Mr Curry to emphasis to point making which highlights the need to comply. Positive effect in expressed in positive laugauge, such as “Wow”, “Well done” and “help to achieve your goal” used by the teachers. In the novel, Josh tries to make Brett to respond so that he could help him in any way, which can be compared to the documentary as the teachers use the technique of questioning to make Frank respond. The novel and documentary has two similar aspects portrayal, positive effect. Frank wants to have an education and become an actor, for him to achieve his goals, he needs to comply to the rules and roles set out and face any consequences he doesn’t complete the requirements of the School and the Board OF…show more content…
This is a compelling true story when four young cathotic boys Marcoano, Reily, Sullivan and Gerizo was in an incident that killed an old man and suddenly found themselves in the “Willahouns Home for Boys”, an institution. Unlike ‘the Farm’, this institution has the appearance of a school but a convert appearance of a hard walled prison, as the responder sees the image of this institution in darkness emphasis the aspect of negative effect. The authority of the institution, Sean Nokes, chooses to use the institution policy of violence to make the boys strip naked and is given a random number. He also performed “sexual acts and beatings” which underlines the notion the abuse of power. As the authority takes the boys in a dark room, as the camera zooms out with the boys scramming allows the responder to realize the situation the boys are in. All of the negative effect and the power used by the authority on the four boys, left Reilly and Marcano unable to cope with society, who were “Haunted by our experience” and became the “Hills Kitchens titman” similar to Tyson. They end up taking their revenge on Sean Nokes and both die due of a drug overdose at an early age from the treatment of the institution. Other two boys Sullivan and Gerizo also were “Haunted by our experience: but used the strict violet treatment from the institution to conform

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