The Lottery Human Nature Analysis

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Human nature could sometimes convey you along an a verse path “for example cruelty, hatred, violence ”. Human nature could also sometimes lead you through a positive door “for example happiness, innocence, love, compassion and other contented feelings.” This essay is mainly about the flaws in human nature, and to show that there are more of both negative meanings, then positive meanings. For the first example for flaws in human nature in the story the Lottery, by Shirley Jackson is about village people who have a yearly ritual harvest and during the harvest they have some sort of lottery, and it’s a lottery you don’t want to be part of. The story is disturbing and cruel (for example the kids help pile up rocks for the ritual of the harvest) the kids didn’t only help pile up the rocks they also helped in the killing. Mrs. Hutchinson’s own “flesh and blood”, co-operated in her death. Even little Dave was…show more content…
Instead of him getting the poison to use it against his wife he got poisoned when the druggist slipped it in his coffee, so the when the druggist told him you already had the poison in him, he panicked so he asked how much for the antidote the druggist said 1000$ so Sangstrom didn't hesitate to buy the antidote. The violence that fits in this story is that he wanted to kill his wife with the poison, but instead the poison got to him. So it was almost like payback but nobody got poisoned accept Sangstrom. There was also some hatred with Sangstrom against the druggist. Sangstrom also was violent when he pulled out the pistol and was scaring the druggist. Any who the druggist was thinking smart but in a violent and cruel way. It’s also like the druggist is playing god for example he poisoned Sangstrom so that he couldn’t poison his wife. So he’s killing someone in order to save another ones

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