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Morgan Moss ENC1145 Cocaine Consious Ricky Donnel Ross is a mythical character among the infamous people of our time. He is what some call “The ultimate entrapaneur” regarded as a hero and villain among American culture. His story is one shrouded in mystery, filled with cover-ups and deception on all levels. His nickname “Freeway” is a term he got because of all the properties he came to own in Freeway Harbor. With all the profits he made dealing and selling cocaine in south central L.A., His operation was hardly done with out help. His Nicaraguan associates Normin Meneses and Oscar Blandon were right there along side Ricky unleashing a crack wave, which urban America still hasn’t recovered from. Known simply as “Freeway” Rick, he started as a poor illiterate high school dropout from south central Los Angeles. Ricky was a talented tennis player and had hopes of one day playing on the college level. When Ricky’s coach realized he couldn’t read or write his college scholarships went out the window. Realizing this, Ricky dropped out of high school and ended up at a youth center were his long time friend and teacher Henry Corrales turned him on to cocaine. Ricky said, “I looked up to the man.”(Dark Alliance) And before…show more content…
When you break it down, Ricky was only a lucky drug dealer at the right place at the wrong time… a pawn essentially. To find out how the crack epidemic in L.A. started, you have to take a trip to the capital city of Managua in Nicaragua. In June of 1979, the hills surrounding Managua were swarming with Cuban assisted Sandinista rebels who pulled of a major upset in the battle for the Managua. This was one of the biggest upsets in Central American history. In the bloody Cuban instigated war the Sandinistas demolished the well U.S. trained army of Nicaragua’s Dictator Anastasio Somoza. Somoza’s downtown bunker was the location of the final assault on

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