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Overrated Fame Hip Hop music has faced many changes forcibly caused by rap artists who fabricate music that does not relate to the ideal content of real Hip Hop music. The appreciation for real Hip Hop music has greatly decreased among rap fans that only pay attention to the music on the radio. Many Rap artists have contributed to the deflation of real Hip Hop. Lil’ Wayne is one of many rappers who dishonor the Hip Hop sound. Lil’ Wayne desperately exaggerates his title as the “Greatest Rapper Alive” which is certainly an unjust declaration. Lil’ Wayne’s music distorts the real value of Hip Hop and misrepresents the image of the Hip Hop culture. Over four years, Lil Wayne morphed from a mediocre rapper with a thuggish point of view into a joke who merges sex, drugs and gang violence. Back in the 1980’s, there were 'rappers', for example, Tupac ,Jay-Z, and Nas, that rapped for fun, on the corner as a past time. Rappers weren't looking for get rich…show more content…
That is why Lil Wayne isn’t a role model like he says he is. The greatest speaks for the people, that is how the Hip Hop culture works, regardless of what anyone says any genre or median the greatest always speaks for the people. Tupac would always show his love to the people and would include his fans to his music videos. Public Enemy a rap duo would express their feelings towards police brutality, violence, and drug abuse. Lil Wayne raps about the opposite that the Hip Hop pioneers would rap about in the 1990’s. Lil Wayne would promote his affiliation in the Bloods gang. Lil Wayne would also show his drug addiction to sizzurp, some kind of drink that contains a lot of chemicals that has already killed a hip hop pioneer Pimp C. Most of the time Lil Wayne shows up to an event or would record a song drunk or high creating his lyrics not understandable and his appearance to all of his anti-fans incredibly

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