Spanish American War Causes

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Kevin Davis Professor Weiland History 1302 25 February 2014 Causes of the Spanish-American War Out of the entire Spanish Empire that prospered in 1492, Cuba was one of the last standing countries in the late 1800’s. The Spanish Empire was crumbling to pieces it seemed. Cuba was growing tired of being attached to their mother country, Spain so they spend several years trying to gain independence and eventually it would lead to the Spanish-American War. There were a few causes leading up to the war including The Ten Years War, American imperialism, the explosion of the U.S.S Maine in the Havana Harbor, the effects of yellow journalism against Spain in the New York Journal, and the blockade of Cuban ports when Spain denied the United…show more content…
Shortly after, the naval ship was visited by a Spanish ship in sheer hope of maybe loosening the tension between American and Spain. On February 15, 1898, an explosion ripped the ship to shreds and sank to the bottom of the Cuban waters and also causing 260 deaths on board. Witnesses say that the fire started on board U.S.S. Maine. America planned on retrieving Cuba from Spain peacefully but this attack was the opening call for war. However, they decided to delay the war for just a few more weeks to gather establish an army force and support from Congress. False accusations about the sinking of Maine were posted in the New York Journal by Hearst and Pulitzer soon after. This only fueled the fire of hatred towards Spain even more in the hearts of American’s. Hearst and Pulitzer had been known for selling anti-Spanish articles for many years before the attack. Could the American citizens believe the newspaper or…show more content…
America went to war with Spain on April 25, 1898. Several battles took place in areas such as Manila Bay, Guantanamo Bay, and the harbor city of Santiago. On July 26, Washington approached McKinley to discuss peace opportunities and a cease-fire was signed on August 12. Four months later, The Treaty of Paris ended the war on December 10, 1898. Spain lost what was left of the Spanish Empire. The islands became protectorates of the United States resulting in Spain no longer being a world power. This left the United States the opportunity to establish predominance in the Caribbean and pursue economic interests in Asia so to speak. To sum it all up, the leading causes of the Spanish-American war consisted of the Ten Years War, imperialism in the United States, the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in the Havana Harbor of Cuba, the effects of what Hearst and Pulitzer published in the New York Journal on American’s, and Spain’s last attempt in maintaining control over Cuba. In result, Spain lost its place as a world power and was casually replaced by America. Spain would never gain access to that role ever again in the following years of America’s

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