American Foreign Affairs During Ww2 Essay

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During This time the United States was trying to stay out of world war one, and keep a policy of isolation towards foreign affairs. This really didn’t work to well because while world war one was beginning in Europe we were supplying the British with weapons and munitions through the lend lease act. This helped the United States domestically by boosting the economy. On the other side this did not help the things in foreign affairs. We were showing favoritism and the Germans did not like this. Problems start to happen after we intercept the Zimmerman note. The Zimmerman note was a telegraph sent from Germany to Mexico asking for their assistance to fight the United States, and attack from the south. Mexico Declined Germanys request. When News…show more content…
It showed de Lôme’s opinion about the Spanish involvement in Cuba and the United States diplomacy. Revolutionaries in Cuba intercepted the letter, and released it to the press. This where yellow Journalism comes in and puts the American people against the Spanish. William Randolph Hurst, played a role in this because he owned all the newspapers, and got to put whatever he wanted in them. He criticized the Spanish government and the way it controlled Cuba. Through yellow Journalism and anti-Spanish propaganda Hearst was able to upset the America public, and put the United States against Spain. Revolts against Spain had been occurring in Cuba for Some time. Then February 15th 1898 the USS Maine mysteriously sank in Havana harbor. This was all the America public needed. Through political and public pressure, President McKinley entered a war in which he wanted to avoid. Spain sough a Compromise, but it was rejected by the United States. Then the United States sent an ultimatum to Spain demanding it surrender control of Cuba. This was then followed by Madrid, then Washington, formally declaring
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