Osama Bin Laden's Influence On Terrorism

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The methods in which terrorists implement their plans are an enigma. Some use demigod like actions to instigate a large fan base. Some can plan out very intricate terrorist attacks to instill fear in their enemies. A few can even evade the most advanced search teams on the planet. Only one can pull off all of the above. Osama bin Laden. Born in 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, bin Laden’s troubled childhood, radical views, and extreme actions have made him a notorious figure world wide. Osama bin Laden stood against the United States and the Jews of Israel. He has used profound acts of hatred to wage a deadly war against all of Western Civilization in the name of Islam. Through his acts of terrorism, he has not only negatively influenced the United States, but also portrayed a violently abysmal image for all Muslims, and has become a denotation of abhorrence world wide. Osama bin Laden performed many attacks against the United States and…show more content…
Over 6,000 lives, most of them American, have been lost because of his actions. Many Muslims have now been given a stereo type of being “violent terrorists,” just because of the alacrities of a handful of extremists. Due to bin Laden’s interfering with the United States, they abortively invaded Afghanistan, punching a dent in President Bush’s presidency, and throwing the economy into turmoil. Any hope of returning to the former lifestyle that Americans had once enjoyed has been long dissipated. Al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that he founded in the early 1980’s, has been encouraging other minor terrorists to take action, making the world an over-all more dangerous place to live. Among his fellow terrorists, he is a revered hero, but all over the world, he is seen as a villain, a power-hungry monster greedy for power and attention. Because of bin Laden’s treacherous deeds, the United States has lost over 100 billion dollars in revenue, billions more by invading

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