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Brad Semmler 3-13-12 1st hour English 10 Mr. Healy Outline Thesis statement- In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck makes bad decisions that lead to deaths and good consequences. He also had good decisions that end up good and bad. I. Huck made a good decision by helping Jim be a runaway. He also broke out of pap’s house fine and made it look like he was murdered. Then they both headed down the Mississippi. a. Pap asked Huck for a dollar a day which is what Huck got for interest from finding all the money that robbers took. Pap spent that dollar on alcohol and always got drunk. Then pap took Huck and took him back to his house and locked him there and barely ever let him outside. 1. Huck broke out and headed down the Mississippi; he shot a pig and got…show more content…
Jim should have told Huck sooner because he never told him till the end of the of their journey down the good old Mississippi. b. Huck never acted too upset toward Jim telling huck his dad is dead; I think it is because he was happy for it and sad at the same time. 3. People say the man was in search of his son, I believe he was in search for a boy to kill and take six thousand dollars from. 4. It was not like huck should be happy, all pap did to Huck was beat him and take his money for booze. V. I think Huck made a good decision by changing names with Tom at the house they stayed at with Tom and Jim. Jim got put in a lock room because they knew he was a runaway. a. Huck was walking leaving town and saw Tom Sawyer, they talked and then went to a family home in the country and stayed there for a while. They switched names because they knew something was not right. 1. When they got there the family locked up Jim and then made Huck and Tom do normally what they do. They had to attempt to break Jim out; so they had to dig in the cellar and then Huck kept getting questioned what he is

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