Drake Influence On American Culture

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Nathaniel Gomez Ms. Yeast English II February 21, 2012 Drake Music has changed throughout many generations. A very famous rap artist named Drake is changing the current Rap industry. Drake’s perseverance to become successful and show the world who he truly is is amazing. As a child, he was not always the popular kid that everybody loved. He never really knew what it was like to have true friends. He was never rich as a child and never lived in a mansion like the kids at his school. He lived in an apartment with his mom. It was hard living with his mother in Canada while his father lived in Tennessee. What he went through as a child is astonishing and no one will ever know what he went through. He went from a kid who dreamed…show more content…
I was so happy to be a part of something that I ran up the street to his house. When I got there, there was a huge photo of me on the front door. They had blown up an ad from when I had modeled for Wal-Mart -- a really embarrassing photo of me in a blue Power Ranger costume. Everybody was laughing. I remember that walk home was the longest one of my life. (Graham 7) Reading this quote shows that his classmates came up with anything they could so they could make fun of him. As a teenager, Drake’s social life did not get much better than his childhood’s. Drake did anything he could to fit in, from smoking to drinking, you name it. All he wanted was to be accepted, but it was hard to fit in because he was not rich and white like all of his other classmates. The only time Drake was really appreciated, was when he was in the school plays. After the play, the students would come up to him and say hey and give him high fives (Graham 7). The only time people wanted to be friends with me was when I was singing in the school play. The night of the play they would all be real nice to me, clapping and giving me compliments. But after that it was right back to the way things always were. (Graham…show more content…
In 2006, Drake came out with his first mix tape Room For Improvement. In 2007, he came out with his second mix tape Comeback Season. In 2008, Drake received a call from Lil Wayne one night, Lil Wayne told him that he wanted Drake to fly up to Houston that night and go to the studio. “But early in 2008, Drake received an unexpected call from rap star Lil Wayne, who asked Drake to board a flight to Houston that night to join his tour” (“Drake Biography”). In 2009, Drake came out with his third and final mix tape So Far Gone. In this mix tape, Drake worked with a lot of popular rap stars including Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, and

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