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Mayberry 1 People in this world of all races have experienced times throughout their life where they had an encounter with someone who may have suspected they were someone they weren’t. In today’s times it’s always brought to our attention that black males have to deal with it more than any other race but is that true? In “Just Walk on By” Brent Staples expresses his life of being a black man in different settings. In both settings he’s looked upon as a bad guy and expresses the actions of other people on black men walking down the street in odd hours of the night, or doing everyday tasks. In the article Brent talks about different times and situations he observes, in Brooklyn the women try not to look as obvious that they were scared or nervous about the situation they were in when he would walk by and as for women in Chicago when the women felt threatened they instantly ran. It’s obvious that Brent wasn’t used to these types of situations, “I grew up one of the good boys, had perhaps a half dozen first fist fights,” (staples 1) So when he encountered these times in life it was a sort of realization.…show more content…
He gives examples from walking down the street at night and women grabbing their bags tighter to walking across the cross walk and people locking their car doors. Staples tells a personal story where he had his first bad encounter with a woman as he was walking through the park behind a woman innocently and because he was a tall, black, and suspicious looking man she was scared and instantly ran away, “it was in the echo of that terrified woman’s footfalls that I first began to know the unwieldly inheritance I’d come into-the ability to alter public space in ugly ways.” (1). Staples didn’t realize what he was getting himself into when he lived in these new areas, and especially him being

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