Similarities Between Langston Hughes And Malcolm X

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Herschel Dixon Jr. English 102-3 Dr. Collier 04 April 2012 BLACK VS. BLACK Black–on–Black violence has emerged as the most substantial social problem threatening the existence and value of life among blacks since slavery. It has developed to be a major problem towards the African-American community today. Authors such as Langston Hughes, Jay-Z, and Malcolm X are all very well known amongst blacks. They all have different views and impacts on the dilemma we face when looking to resolve the issue of black-on-black crime in America. Langston Hughes is one of the most well-known black poets in history; he stands as a positive symbol for the black community. I will look to expose his outlooks on the black American and how his piece “Dreams”…show more content…
The song “Murder to Excellence” with Kanye west is geared toward expressing their built up emotion on black-on-black crime, therefore I will look to evaluate this song of theirs and Jay-Z upbringing. Malcolm X has many views and always will be subject to a valuable opinion, so from the speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” will help me tie both his ideas and mine together. Black-on-black violence is consequence to the fact of acting out of pure ignorance, and many black Americans should be uniting as one instead of killing one another. By African-Americans constantly taking one another lives, it attests to other races that black people do not typically understand how to act, and that we are honestly oblivious in this world. The sooner we become together and realize that we do not need to kill each other because all we have is each other, and if it continues than we show that brotherly love does not exist…show more content…
Malcolm had a different approach to civil justice during the era of the civil rights action as comparing to Dr. King. Malcolm was first influenced in jail to become what he has become today due to the involvement of groups he had taken part in. ( Malcolm is a very wise man with a lot to say and did not stop until it was bound to be heard. His speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” is a very significant speech and one of my favorites he has composed. He was stressing the fact that the “ballot or the bullet” is next in the civil rights struggle, meaning that government must allow blacks to rightfully vote or else violence will be the conclusion in means to influence

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