Write An Essay On Civil Rights Of The 1960's

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12/17/12 Civil Rights of the 1960’s Attacked by dogs, sprayed with fire hoses, beaten by the police; the very people who are employed to keep you safe. That was what African Americans faced if they spoke out against inequality. In the time of the 1950 and 60’s emerged two men that would soon be legends in history years after their deaths, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. where the rock that helped African Americans push segregation and racism to a minimal. The two of them were a huge moral support in the fifties and sixties. He believed that if blacks were seen fighting back against white forces they would be painted as low lives and scum, the exact image that they were trying to abolish. Malcolm X on the other hand led violent protests. “Fighting violence with violence” as he said many times at rallies. Three years he kept…show more content…
As a nation we have accepted that blacks, like whites, have the same role in society. Parents raise their children to see personality not color, which is what Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. had taken great strides toward in their time. All it took was two men who wanted a brighter future for not only their children but all blacks. Malcolm X started life as an illiterate thief but returned to society as an admired orator in 1967. His story gave many African Americans hope. All could see that he rose out of the shadows of nothing so why couldn’t they do the same? All black men, women, and children came together to overcome one thing; racism. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were a significant peace to the puzzle because they had the power to unite people into one cause. Without these men’s ideas of non-violence retaliation the black race would not have been seen as the victim, instead the problem. With that racism would have been prolonged for much longer. Thanks to two men America is a better home for all
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