Persuasive Essay On Racism In Canada

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Racism is something that affects all people, something that comes in many different forms. Racism is known to people all over the world. Take our city of Edmonton for example; being a Canadian city we see people of all different races, because Canada is known for being one of the most cultural accepting places in the world. So you would assume that there isn’t racism in such an “accepting place” but that is a very wrong assumption. People would also assume that because places in Africa, like Cape Town, South Africa, over came the apartheid (which separated people based on the color of their skin) would not be socially biased when it comes to skin color but again that would be a wrong assumption. The United States has many a racist view point…show more content…
A place that is accepting of those of all different races, you would think that a place being known for its multi-cultural environment would be free of racism. Being raised in Edmonton I have seen there are many cultures. We have a government that says it is accepting of those with different cultures and religions. There are in fact ESL (English as a Second Language) programs in schools across the city. This doesn’t change that fact that there are people who are discriminated against constantly because of their race. How many times in a day do you think that the average person in this city cracks a racist “joke” against the aboriginal people? Being a student in a “culturally accepting environment” I am aware of many cultures in our very own city, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, African and so many more. I could also tell you all the racially discriminating words that come with all these things. Like chinks, spics, pork, whops, micks. All of which can cause a lot of pain and a lot of trouble if used. But words like these are common in peoples every day conversations, and for some reason that seems to be more acceptable than a student using the “f-word” in a conversation. In Canada our “cultural accepting” country, there is acceptance as well as massive discrimination against all races and cultures every

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