What Is Racism In America

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Throughout the United States of America, racism is a lingering problem that everybody somewhat faces. Even though it may be more apparent in some places than others, racism still has an effect on everyone. It may be a subconscious stereotype or a bad feeling about a certain person solely based on their race that affects individuals in our country. We tend to feel more comfortable in front of people we look and act like rather than strangers who may or may not be different from you. Instead of people feeling safe while walking through the streets they create a sense of worry for themselves by what they believe of others who look different from themselves. We want to raise our kids to feel no stress at all due to being different or seeing someone who is different. I think that we can all agree on the fact that no matter how much u deny racist there is always some sort of stereotypical thought process going through your head when seeing and meeting others. Questions pop through your head based on someone’s appearance. This problem we come to…show more content…
A person who sees someone they are uncomfortable with 40% of the time takes a different route to their destination and that delays their trip quite a bit. So many benefits can be caused directly from my scheme, like the drop in crimes. . People will be comfortable with themselves and all of their peers. In addition, more children will graduate from high school and go on to a higher education due to the fact of having more friends because of this proposal. Everyone will be happier and the expectation to do well in school will be a lot higher. If everyone in the United States and everyone visiting the United States are painted the color pink, the entire country will become a happier place directly due to the fact that everyone is the same. Racism will end, people will feel united, and everyone will begin to look after one

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