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Hate Crimes By Tashena Estelle Com 172 Hate crimes are defined as the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of who they are. Hate crimes are also defined by federal law as criminal acts motived by an assailant prejudice against victim’s religion, race, ethnicity, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. The word is full of hate. The problem of hate does not seem to be subsiding either, by a long shot. To think after all the years to past, things would have gotten better! How can someone be fueled with so much hatred, that it will make them cause harm or even kill an innocent human being? They are often referred to as bias crimes. Majority of the time, hate crimes are committed,…show more content…
Hate crimes affect the victim as well as the community. People commit hate crimes for various reasons; they are unwelcoming of those who aren’t of the same characteristics per se. They feel the need to bully those who they feel are beneath them to compensate for their own short comings. Hate crimes affect individuals from all walks of life. Including but not limited to those of religious, race, and sexual orientation. The greatest portion of the remainder were hate crimes based on ethnicity or nationality. When a hate crime is committed, it sends a message to the targeted individual and community as a whole, so that they are aware they are unwelcomed, fearful, unaccepted. The damage done to the heart of the community, will affect the community brutally. Once a message is sent, hate crime is committed, and it has not only hurt the target but the community as well, the message is considered…show more content…
Hate crime laws vary from coast to coast, it’s so unsettling. Hate crimes have become disturbingly prevalent. Only about forty one states in the United States have laws against hate crimes. Which means if an individual is targeted for specific reasons involved, crimes such as vandalism, assault, or murder is also a hate crime. The penalty would be more severe than it usually may be otherwise. Fifteen states have hate laws that do not include crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity. There are fifteen states that do have hate crime laws that include crimes based on sexual orientation. That’s because definitions varies across jurisdictions. At one point, on a federal level there was no such thing as a hate crime per

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