Hope In The Unseen Essay

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Hope in the Unseen The No Child Left Behind Act was passed into law by President Bush in 2002. No Child Left Behind Act was created because the U.S. Department of Education wanted to improve the education system to make sure every student was receiving a quality education. This act helped the government determined, based on annual school progress, what schools should get more funding. This act made schools take the annual national testing, to test students on english, math, reading, and science. The students are tested annually in basic subjects because it allows the government to measure, based on the student scores, how well schools are teaching their students. No Child Left Behind Act forces schools to hire teachers that are qualified.…show more content…
Cedric came from a household where his dad was not around but his mom tried her best to take care of him. Cedric was accepted to Jefferson Junior High, a magnet school. Cedric sang for his church and he was not allowed to sing anymore, so he began to act out in school. His behavior caused the school to deny Cedric from going back to Jefferson Junior High for the 9th grade. He had to attend Ballou. Cedric is a student that was left behind: by his high school, his teachers and…show more content…
His teachers are responsible for giving him the tools he needed to succeed. The No Child Left Behind Act was made for this reason, so schools can hire adequate teachers to challege students and make them better in school. I am content that the No Child Left Behind Act was passed because all my teachers help me a lot and make sure they are doing their best so I can be ready for college. If the No Child Left Behind Act was not passed, then there would be more schools like Ballou. Schools where kids do not try and are not guaranteed to make it through

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