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Anisha Baptiste Ms. Schmidt November 14, 2013 There are many things that distinguish going to school in Arkansas in the 1940’s from going to school in Hillside, New Jersey, in 2013. As a nation education is taken very seriously for people of all skin colors and races. Things like segregation, educational requirements, equipment, opportunities, and Graduation rights are a few things that separate the two time periods. In “Graduation” by Maya Angelou, she talks about what it’s like to be black and graduating the eighth grade, which is the complete opposite of what it’s like for black student now. During the 1940’s segregation was still going on. Angelou stated “ Unlike the white school, Lafayette County Training school distinguished itself…show more content…
Back then it didn’t matter whether you went to school or not because most parents needed their kids’ help with extra work on the field, but now it matters. An education is something that is guaranteed to all American citizens and if you don’t go to school, someone will come to your house to find out why you haven’t been attending. In the 1940’s you were required to learn how to read, write, know some math, and geography. In 2013 you have to learn all these different things that can somewhat prepare you for any career. We have to learn about finance, economics, algebra, biology, and more. But not only do you have to learn these different subject you have to take PSAT’s, SAT’s and ACT’s if you want to go on to college and further your education. “It didn’t worry that I was only twelve years old graduating from the eighth grade. Besides, many teachers in Arkansas Negro Schools had only that diploma and were licensed to impart wisdom”(5). Black teachers were only required an eighth grade diploma to start teaching school. Now it’s required for a teacher to graduate high school and…show more content…
We can be doctors, lawyers, businessmen, musicians, and more! During the 1940’s, opportunities were limited. “ Only a small percentage would be continuing on to college – one of the South’s A&M (agricultural and mechanical) schools which trained our negro youths to be carpenters, farmers, , handymen, masons, maids, cooks, and baby nurses.”(3). When you think about it, you graduate school, then college just to become someone who isn’t super important. People like teachers, doctors, policemen, and firemen are important. Being someone’s maid or cook doesn’t really get you far in life. In Maya Angelou’s graduating class there were only a few kids graduating and moving on to high school. In Hillside, New Jersey, over 90 percent of students graduate from every grade level and can go to any college they choose. There’s also this program called “ No child left behind” that’s supposed to allow kids who are slower when it comes to learning be able to catch up with the rest of their classmates and move on to the next level of education That’s how schools in 2013 is different from school in the 1940’s we are an integrated nation with the ability to be what we want and have a chance to expand our

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