Ruben Navarette: 'The Deprived Child Who Has It All'

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Anyone who has raised a child can understand the many obstacles and challenges of parenthood. Every parent wants to see their child happy and succeed in life, but in order to accomplish that, many parents believe they must grant their child’s every want and need. Ruben Navaratte Jr.’s article from the San Diego Tribune, “The deprived child who has it all” is shared to be aimed towards the parents of the new millennium. Navarette bring up the issue about parents of the new millennium who make the mistake of ironically providing too much for their children. In the opening paragraph of the article, Navarette shares his own experience of growing up as a child in the 1940’s. The luxury and lifestyle of a child raised in the earlier years like 1940’s- 1960’s is completely different compared to a child raised in the year 2000. As a new parent, Navarette fears that one day his children will be hanging out with kids frolicking around with their parent’s credit card who own BMW’s and designer handbags that cost $1000. Many parents struggle to say “no” to their children’s demands and it is does not benefit the child or the parent in the long run. Some parents have become so desperate that they have gone to the extreme of taking a class from an expert to teach them how to say “no” and help them discipline their own child. Parents of today do not want…show more content…
It is not that they demand too much from their kids but they expect too little. Parents try so hard to provide their children’s needs to make them happy and become their kid’s best friend that they forget about being a real parent. A parent who knows what is best for their child should not be afraid to say “no”, “The mistake that many parents make today is not that they’re too strict but rather too lenient”. They should discipline and set limits to consumption and teach their children the value of a

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