Permissive Parenting Style

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The parenting style that I chose to write about is Permissive Parenting Style (PPS Permissive parenting is sometimes known as indulgent parenting. Parents who practice this style make relatively few demands upon their children. Because these parents have low expectations for self-control and maturity, they rarely discipline their children. Permissive parents raise children who grow into adults that have no strong inner sense of discipline, no sense of connectedness or family and will mostly likely have to re-parent themselves, which puts them at a disadvantage in all areas of life as adults. It is not unusual for adult children of permissive parents to feel resentful or angry toward their parents as they realize the many lessons they were not taught as children because their parents were so desperate to not make waves at any cost,by being the “cool mom”. I have listed a few Characteristics of the Permissive Parenting Style, which I call - (PPS – Permissive Parenting Style). ), I have found that in doing the research, that I, myself as a parent are guilty of some of the things below. Have few rules or standards of behavior When there are rules, they are often very inconsistent Are usually very nurturing and loving towards their kids Often seem more like a friend, rather than a parent. May use bribery such as toys, gifts and food as a means to get child to behave There are some effects to this type of parenting such as: Lack self-discipline Sometimes have poor social skills May be self-involved and demanding May feel insecure due to the lack of boundaries and guidance Since these parents have few requirements for mature behavior, children may lack skills in social settings. While they may be good at interpersonal communication, they lack other important skills such as sharing. We know through experience that permissive parenting does not work.
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