Parenting Styles Essay

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Parenting Styles There are several different types of parenting styles. The three most talked and studied parenting styles are the authoritarian parenting style, permissive style and authoritative parenting style. There is also the uninvolved parenting style, also referred to as the reject-neglect parenting style. Psychologists and researchers have studied parenting styles and are able to provide us with information on how these styles effect the behavior patterns and outcomes of our children. The first parenting style is the authoritarian parenting style, also known as the military style of parenting. Parents that use this parenting style believe that parents should be strict with children. Structure is high and warmth is low. These parents believe that the child should do as told with no questions asked from the child and no explanation needed from the parent. Often these children act out in aggressive ways outside the home but are fearful inside the home. They tend to have a low self-esteem, poor self discipline and unequal regard for other people. They tend to be poor judges of character, less able socially, and often rebel against authority figures when they are older. The next type of parenting is the permissive style of parenting. These parents are sometimes called the indulgent parents. Parents that use this parenting style have very few demands of their children. Structure is low and warmth is high. These parents believe that they should respond to their children as individuals. They often act more as a friend to the child than a parent. Children that are raised using the permissive style of parenting are often considered spoiled and unruly. They may tend to have drug problems and behavior problems in adolescence due to the fact that they have never had to control their behavior because they always seem to “get their
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