Parenting Styles Essay

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Four Different Styles of Parenting Each parent develops a unique parenting style as they groom their children into adulthood. Various methods of parenting styles can affect a child in either a negative or positive way. In the 1960‘s, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study on 100 preschool children. She observed them by naturalistic observation, parental interviews and other research methods (Cherry, 2011). By conducting this study she suggested that there were 3 different parenting styles. Later on research conducted by Maccoby & Martin in 1983 suggested that there were four different types of parenting styles, authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, and uninvolved parenting. In this paper I will go over the four styles of parenting. Authoritarian Parenting Authoritarian parents tend to be more demanding of their children, yet, very low in responsiveness (Partner, 2009). Parents who are authoritarian do not expect their children to question why they say the things they say. They are very into social status, and obedience in their children. They like for their children to have a structured environment, providing minimal emotional support towards their offspring. Children who come from a house with authoritarian parents tend to be average in school and show no signs of problem behaviors. These children, however, have poor social skills, and show signs of low self-esteem, while having high levels of depression (Partner, 2009). Authoritative Parents Authoritative, Demanding and Responsive parents (Partner, 2009) also set limits but understand where their children are coming from. They monitor their children but not in a controlling way. They support their children with rewards for good behavior as opposed to punishment for bad behavior. They see their children in a positive light and want the best for them individually,
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