Outline and Asses Functionalist and New Right Views on the Family

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Outline and assess functionalist and new right views on the family This essay aims to explore the views of the functionalist and new rights approach on the family. Functionalists argue that the family is the most important institution in society as it benefits both the individual and society. They have the most positive view on the family, and state that it performs vital functions for the maintenance of society. Their main emphasis is on the nuclear family which is the stereotypical family of married, heterosexual parents with children - they tend to ignore any other family types. The approach presents the family as a family isolated from wider kinships because of the mobility required by labour markets in industrial societies. The image that functionalists create of the family involves the support for the nuclear family from the wider welfare state. It also suggests that any childcare for the family would be provided by non-family agencies, for example; playgroups. The usefulness of this ‘privatised nuclear family’ is that it gives closure within the family, allowing stability and support. It’s beneficial as there are male and female role models available for the children, and it gives the parents more control of how their children are brought up. Another strength is that there’s less interference from wider family members however this can also be seen as a negative aspect, as other people are unaware of what’s happening and if there was any problems within the family and therefore it’s difficult to identify neglect. This also makes it difficult to seek professional help outside of the family. Another disadvantage of this privatised nuclear family is that children are only exposed to one set of values and so are influenced to become like their parents in the future as they have no exposure to other behaviours of different families. A criticism of this
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