Parenting Styles Essay

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The Effects of Parenting Styles Jazmyne Pinkins The University of Memphis The Effects of Parenting Styles How do you raise a child? Who determines if your style of parenting is correct or incorrect? How does your child react to your parenting style? Because parenting is such a complex topic, there is not necessarily a right or wrong way to parent a child, but some parenting styles may be looked at as ineffective to a child’s well-being. A parenting style is the approach that a parent takes while raising their child. Authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and neglectful all describe the four main styles of parenting. Authoritarian parents are very strict, whereas, permissive parents tend to be indulgent by becoming friends with their child. Authoritative parents offer the best of both worlds because their child receives an equal amount of love and discipline. Then, there are neglectful parents who are uninvolved in their child’s life. Although parenting styles vary in description, each has an effect on the child. I believe that parenting styles largely contribute to a child’s social well-being. The world that we live in is based on social competence. Because authoritative parents offer balance between discipline and love, it is believed that “the best adjusted children, particularly in terms of social competence, have parents with an authoritative, moderate parenting style.” (Guarian) To contrast, the children of permissive parents may develop a lack of self-control. The lack of self-control will mainly evolve from the fact that no structure was established during their childhood. There is also a vast contrast between authoritarian and neglectful parents because on one end of the spectrum, authoritarian parents are highly involved in their child’s life, whereas, neglectful parents are not very uninvolved in their child’s life. Although at two
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