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Family Systems and how they function Tony Newsome Dr. Pamela Todd September 11, 2014 Introduction Family Systems and Healthy Development beings with parenting and how parents raise their children. In this essay, I will discuss how one can discern a healthy family system, what are the determining factors that distinguish healthy systems, the effects of an unhealthy family system on development, and how family systems affect physical (neural), emotional, spiritual, and social development. Parents are the ones who mold and shape their children whether it is being an authoritarian/military style approach or permissive, a more laid back approach. Children who have parents barking orders at them all the time will either revel or will clam up like a robot and will not be able to interact sociably with others. Permissive parents have children who, in many ways, share the undesirable characteristics of children of authoritarian parents. Children with permissive parents tend to be dependent and moody, and they are low in social skills and self-control (Feldman, 2014). Healthy Family System A healthy family system can be noticed by its living arrangement. The way a family live such as the size of the family can determine a good healthy family system Real life experiences and upon observation of my own, parents with one or two kids are able to give more attention to their children than parents with several children. Children who grow up in a household with just one or two children tend to thrive more in society and not be withdrawn oppose to children who grow up in a household with several children tend to have a lack of attention. Distinguish Factors in Healthy Family Systems Children who live in a good healthy family system as well as the family as a whole can easily be noticed because they are able to handle the stressful tension most families have to deal

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