Stressors for First Time Parenting and Twin Births

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Name of course: Child and Family Nursing Course code: 2978NRS Student name: Annie Vang Student I.D: S2720103 Course convenor: Rita Davies Topic: The Graves Family Assessment: Written Assignment (A2) – 1500 Word Essay Word count: 1,402 Words Referencing Style: APA 6th Referencing Style Health & Social Issues Table: Health and Social issues: | Rationale: | Actual Issues (A): * Pelvic Inflammatory disease due to untreated Chlamydia. * Being Lethargic and back pain has interrupted Jemma from performing everyday tasks. * Financial issues are correlating stress. * No Friends * Tim has no immediate family support. * Tim is unrealistic about children. * Tim had a violent childhood that may affect his parenting attitudes. | * Encourage annual medical checkups for a healthy quality of life. * Continue antenatal classes, prenatal and relaxation classes for a healthy quality of life and educate about normal pregnancy symptoms. * Financial stability will return once Jemma returns to work, in the meanwhile, Tim should continue communicating with Jemma to relieve stress and improve family function. * Educate about time management and encourage the couple to make time to socialise and increase their support network. * Encourage Tim to build up his relationship with his family to build a stable support network. * Tim requires education about his responsibilities and efforts as a father to ensure maximal care for the babies and a healthy family function. * Educate both parents about their responsibility as caregivers and recommend the most suitable ways of parenting styles for them to ensure healthy family function. | Potential Issues (P): * May experience a difficult labour due to twin birth. * Transition from parenthood to adulthood for first timers can be a stressful experience. * Exposure to Post Natal Depression. *
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