How to Be a Successful Babysitter

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Composition 1 September 29, 2012 How to Be a Successful Babysitter “Sweet heart, the babysitter is here!” Queue the scary music. We have all been there and seen our share of terrifying as well as too good to be true sitters. Now try being in his or her position, almost everyone has taken care of someone in his or her lifetime. It can be a hassle especially on a Saturday night but it is easy money. After reading this everyone will have a whole new outlook on sitters as well as sitting. And as a bonus, sitters, you are guaranteed a call back! So what is the key? The key to being a successful babysitter is to satisfy both parties. That includes the kids who want to run wild, and for the parents that want perfection. One must compromise with the parents and their children; this comes with the responsibility of making sure the kids have a good time but at the same time, abiding by most of the already set house “rules”. Sometimes babysitters have to bend the rules in order to be the best. Follow this instructional paper and anyone can be a successful and rich babysitter. Just remember no one said this was going to be easy, it’s not something that can be picked up quickly; it requires the balance of fun, cleverness, and skills. It’s always nerve-racking being a “first time” sitter, maybe you just haven’t had enough practice with your younger siblings or the idea of being responsible for someone else’s kids is overwhelming. Have no fear! Babysitting should be fun not scary; the only people you need to make a good impression on are the parents. They are looking for a straight edged, fun and responsible kid. That is the type of sitter preferred by parents, so just play that role! This would be a prime time to be nerdy and super polite. In other words be the role model, someone a little kid would look up too, as well as a person that the parents would approve of.
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