Helicopter Parenting Is Not an Effective Strategy

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Darika Churdsuwanrak Patrick Vogelpohl English 100 Helicopter parenting is not an effective strategy Helicopter parents are parents who hover over their children’s lives, which include their academic and their personal lives. There are advantages of using the helicopter parenting method. Helicopter parenting can help increase closeness between the parents and the children. They are more likely to get around the age gap problems. Moreover, their children will reach their expectations because they are always involved in their children’s lives to ensure the children’s academic, personal, and professional success. However, I personally think that helicopter parenting is not an effective strategy to ensure their accomplishment because the children will become dependent, vulnerable, and will not get far in life. Children will become dependent if their parents are always hovering over them. It is the parents’ responsibility to take care and look after the children in their young ages, but as they grow up the parents should let them have their own freedom of choices. The parents should involve in their children’s lives to an extent. They will never learn how to survive in the world by their own if they always have their parents do everything for them. Children learn best when they are allow exploring by their own. It is the parents’ duty to be there next to them, support, and encourages them to do what they desire. My aunt is a very good example of the helicopter parents. Their family had three children, one son, and two daughters. My cousins and I were raised very differently. My parents will be firm but supportive, whereas my aunt and her husband will be severe and controlling. They are always hovering over their children to ensure that their children will be successful. They never let their children make their own decision. One of my aunt’s daughters

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