Family Propaganda Essay

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Montanna McDaniel Dr. Van Ham English 101 10/6/12 Family Propaganda Advertisements of different consumer products, mostly luxuries and conveniences, appear to take over many television and radio programs as well as the newspapers. Advertisements have a social and economic function that is necessary for promoting sales and thus increasing the development of industries. Advertisements also make a distinct impact on consumers in general and family life, in my opinion more in particular. Children and even parents are greatly impressed by the new products: toys, phones, electronics, the latest shoes, time-saving devices in the kitchen, food and several other products. All these advertisements have positive intentions, but can have negative outcomes on the lives of families. Advertisement impacts a family; in the lives of children, men and women (husband and wife), and the family as a whole. While their appeal is intense, even irresistible, children make insistent demands on their parents to purchase desired products. In “Kid Kustomers,” an article by Eric Schlosser, we learn the motives behind companies advertising and selling children products. “The growth in children’s advertising has been driven by efforts to increase not just current, but also future consumption. Hoping that nostalgic childhood memories of a brand will lead to a lifetime of purchases, companies now plan ‘cradle-to-grave’ advertising strategies” (222). There is consequently, often tension- tug- of-war in the family. Parents, resist the ceaseless demands of their growing children. In which case, their children feel sore when they are not given the money they want to purchase the latest advertised product, regardless of the fact whether their parents can afford to pay for it or not. “The bulk of the advertising directed at children today has an immediate goal. ‘It’s giving them a specific reason
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