Personal Narrative: Advance Placement Psychology

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Easy Doesn’t Seem So Easy They said it was going to be easy, that I was going to enjoy Advance Placement Psychology. I guess it doesn’t always work like that for everyone. It was the last quarter of my junior year in high school, registration week. You could feel the stress linger upon every junior as they frantically searched for classes they would take their senior year. Each junior trying to make the perfect schedule for a perfect year, all deciding whether a cruise class or an advance placement was right for them. As for me, I took the advance placement path. The rumor around school was that AP Psychology was a chill advance placement class. Mr. D, who was the teacher of the class, was a really chill guy and that the class would be an…show more content…
D asked if I could see him after class. I thought it was because our student government was currently hosting a fundraiser for a prom expo and he wanted to buy some tickets. When the bell rang, I gathered my things together and sat down in the back waiting to see what Mr. D had to say. He pulled up next to me with a paper in his hand. On the paper had all my class assignments, quizzes and tests I had done last quarter. All of that, along with my big, fat, ugly D that I was pretty ashamed of. “Krystal, you’re a very bright student and I know you know the work, so why the sudden downfall?” Mr. D asked, as we both stared at the paper. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t going to tell him that last semester I felt as if all he did was deposit information to this container of mine. “I was just overwhelmed with all that’s been going on with leadership.” I stated. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “That’s a lie.” How could he have read past me like that? He was good; he was really good I tell you. So I told him, I told him that I sucked at audio learning, that I didn’t do well with lectures and that I needed to humanize. He grinned and gave a little chuckle as he walked over to the white board. He started writing down times and dates for Tuesday and Thursday nights. He told me to attend these study sessions and we would take it from…show more content…
He would then bring back into the classes during the day. Instead of constant lecture, where he was the only one talking, Mr. D would ask a question and we’d tell him our answer. From there, he would elaborate on what we had said. We would play jeopardy and do many group activities. It also wasn’t that Mr. D gave us more playroom in our ways of learning, but it was more because of the fact that we knew he cared. He really did care about our learning and the importance of our future. There was this student-teacher relationship that he had built not only with me, but also with all his students. It was the fact that Mr. D made me feel as if I could fly like a bird. There was never oppression and I never got narration sickness. His ability to let us view ourselves and the way we learned helped us to grow and further our knowledge and

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