Civil Literacy Narrative Analysis

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Unit 1 Literacy Narrative My Literacy Narrative The theme of this essay is civil literacy; everyone at this age should know what it means to be civil literate. We are all in college and I guarantee there have been many times in your life where you were able to be civil around someone either to impress them or just did it because that’s how you were raised. As you read you will see how I included civil literacy in my life. I went through many good times where I was able to be very civil in my days of growing up. What is Civil Literacy? Does everyone have it or at least follow by it? I guess different people would have different takes on what Civil Literacy means to them. It all starts out as a little kid when you learn your first manners…show more content…
I hated to do this so as I said before, this teaches that lesson of what’s right and wrong, therefor learning civility. As I got grew up I learned something every year. In first grade I learned that when older people help younger kids out for a whole school year you can really learn a lot. We had 8th grade buddies that were there every morning waiting for us in our classroom to talk to us before the school day started. Our teachers were very old and wise so they knew that this wouldn’t just be a learning experience for the 8th graders but also the 1st. They learned that civil literacy meant that they not only needed to worry about themselves but helping someone else out. I went through this stage as an 8th grader and was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to socialize, have fun, go on field trips and other fun activities with my very own 1st grader. The thing is this doesn’t go on in every other grade school; those other kids that don’t get this option are stuck. They are just given their homework every day and they have to go through the same routine without the 8th grade partner. This type of help builds on the civil literacy, it helps the young 1st grader mature more at a young age and be able to do some of the stuff the 8th graders do because they set good examples around the little

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