Summer Homework Essay

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Summer is a time for students to take a break from school. However, with the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT and more specifically to AP classes, more schools are taking caution to keep their students from failing out of line. More and more teachers are assigning homework over the summer to help students retain their knowledge over the long three months, but it may not be the best way to benefit kids’. The break should be free of homework so kids’ can relax and spend time with families, get rid of stress, and pursue their interests. A year-round, students have been doing their homework. When summer is approaching, teachers began to think of what type of homework/project to assign to the students. When assigning those homework’s, teachers should think about the major question: What’s the point of a break in the school year when homework is assigned? Like Inshan Alli from the Junior Scholastic article, I believe that kids’ need time to relax, play and spend time with their families. During the school year, students don’t have time to spend with their families or relax, because they have tons of homework in their face. Kids’ sometimes don’t have time to relax their minds. When kids’ over think, it could cause problem to them. Some families like to take a family vacation during summer, because that’s the only season of the year that they have a three month vacation. Without homework in their faces, they could enjoy their summer more. School can be so stressful that some kids’ just want to kill themselves. The reason some students drop out of school is because it is too stressful for them to handle. During summer when students’ have tones of homework, they become stressful and they began to worry about finishing it before summer vacation is over. Kids’ could go mad or crazy, because they have a pile of homework waiting for them to finish. Last summer, I was so
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