Is Homework Overpowering Students? Speech

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Is Homework Overpowering Students? All around the country, students from year 8 to year 14 are victims of an overload of busy work to stuff into their schoolbags to take home and complete. With the opinion that this work needed to be done outside of school is beneficial and will reinforce the subjects that were just taught, teachers are assigning students at least thirty minutes of homework per subject, resulting in a ridiculous pile-up of work for all subjects. The school system is unjustified in allowing teachers to give unlimited amounts of homework because they don’t take into consideration the things students deal with outside of school and it ends up having negative effects on children mentally, physically, and emotionally. As students get older, the amount of work they receive gets larger. More of a workload, means the less time, which usually leads to stress and cramming. In a recent study done by a Stanford researcher, 56 percent of the students considered homework as a primary source of stress and continued by saying 43 percent reported their primary source of stress was cramming for tests and 33 percent saying that their stress was caused by maintaining good grades in particular subjects. They found that less than 1 percent of students said homework was not their main source of stress. Learning about new things should be enjoyable when instead, it is doing the exact opposite and making children stress over it and hate the idea of it. Along with all of this stress, there comes even more negative effects on the average student. Having to deal with great amounts of stress, some students don’t know how to cope with it which results in their physical health deteriorating. Researchers have found that the increased levels of stress has led to “sleep deprivation and other health issues.” Lastly, no child or teenager should be forced to give up things that they

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