America's Education System: Reliable Or Not?

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"Reliable or not ?" Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Indeed education is the most important aspect of life these days. In this modern world of competing countries where every country strives to be on the top, America has been going downhill in Education. Education is what allows you to make the correct decisions in life and hence allows you to make a positive contribution to society as Nelson stated. Considering the rate at which our country is developing and has developed, the standard of education in this country is something that can't be taken as a joke and neglected. If America's educational system doesn't stop producing failures and cant motivate students enough to stay in schools to graduate, problems like poverty, high crime rates and…show more content…
Eventually, the biggest problem will be to find a balance between making the much-needed progress and to try not to overwhelm everyone else involved such as teachers, parents and especially the students. There is much debate in the United States over the implementation of no child left behind, as well as its goals and methods. Teachers, administrators, parents and concerned citizens nationwide have a wide range of strong opinions about the effectiveness of this law. Many believe that no child left behind is a constructive law that will help to develop equal education for all students (NYSUT, 10S). Others completely disagree with no child left behind, feeling that such a strong focus on standardized testing is not effectively assessing what students can actually do. Still others think that no child left behind is a step in the right direction, but detailed points within the legislation need to be changed for better results and prolonged
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