ELL/Bilingual Impairment Report

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tests that are validated for the purpose for which they are used. Documentation must be current within a three year period to be considered. The necessity of this does not mean that it is sufficient; "the mere presence of an impairment does not automatically mean that the person has a disability" or that it impacts functioning in the school setting. The central and most controlling consideration is whether the specified impairment substantially limits the specified major life activity which in the school setting is most often learning. ELL/Bilingual Program: The ELL/Bilingual Program is designed to support students with a non-English language background. Students that are part of the program are enrolled in bilingual or sheltered classes in…show more content…
Current Student Placement: The student’s current teachers from the respective academic areas make recommendations in course placement level for the upcoming school year. They take into account the student’s academic ability and study habits. Teachers consider each student individually, striving to match the student with the course level in which he/she will be both academically challenged and motivated to succeed. Level Changes: A student may request approval for a level change by the end of the 6 week of the first semester and again up to two weeks after the second semester begins. Requests will not be allowed for level changes outside of these times. Students must receive guidance counselor approval for a level change. Summer School: Summer school provides various courses, thus permitting the student greater flexibility to enter a broader elective program during the regular year. Students may also choose to enroll in summer school for credit recovery. Summer School registration and course offering information will be available during the second semester. Students may see their counselor for more information. Early Graduation: Because of the value inherent in a person’s high school experience apart from his/her accumulation of the 22.5 credits necessary for graduation, Warren Township High School,…show more content…
American School of Secondary Correspondence Study is a provider of correspondence courses at Warren Township High School. A student enrolled in a correspondence course may receive high school credit for work completed provided: 1. The course is given by an institution accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, or the State of Illinois; 2. The student assumes responsibility for all fees; and 3. The high school principal or designee approves the course in advance. Seniors: WTHS must receive the final grade/transcript by the senior’s last official school day in May. Students failing to meet these standards will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Grades will be calculated on a pass/fail basis. A maximum of 3 units of credit may be counted toward the requirements for a student’s high school graduation. One semester of correspondence study is equal to 0.5 credits at WTHS. A two semester correspondence course is equal to 1 credit at

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