Responses To John Holt

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Abolishing public school attendances, as well as school curriculums are the solutions to children getting a better education, according to John Holt. In School Is Bad for Children, written by Holt, he emphasis’s his opinions that the public school system is failing the children of today. He describes a child that becomes limited in his curiosity and learning ability by the school system. “Your experience, your concerns, your curiosities, what you know, what you want, what you wonder about… all of this is not of the slightest importance, it counts for nothing” (Blair Reader 65). Holt states that learning from school teachers takes away one’s individuality and teaches children that if you don’t learn things their way, then you won’t learn it at all. I don’t believe Holt’s views on school systems is correct and I think they help provide a more stable education for children. Holt, a former school teacher and education theorist, believes that homeschooling benefits children more so than going to public schools. His views from this essay go hand-in-hand with many of his other essays. In True Learning, an excerpt from Holt’s The Underachieving Schools book, he is consistent with his belief that public schools often teach kids how to be lazy and how they will only remember the information that interests them, and nothing else. According to the reading, the public school systems take away one’s true ability to learn and that it is best to learn the ways of life by experience, not from a classroom. “Education is something a person gets for himself, not that which someone else gives or does to him” (True Learning). Although Holt make’s valid points about the differences in which children learn, he has no actual facts or
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