Why Students Drop Out Of College

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Why Students Drop out of College As a college freshman, a lot of information discussed in the article is relevant to me and my peers around me. In the article, “Why Students Drop out of College” by Diane Fisher, the author writes about many issues that college students face like poor studying habits, high school transition into college, social life on campus and many more. As a result, I do agree with Fisher’s reasoning as to why students drop out of college. Many topics discussed in the article are definitely out and about on college campuses. When first arriving to college, students don’t have the mandatory push that parents and teachers used to give. We are now on our own and for those that lack survival skills, it can be detrimental. For example, there are a lot of things that students don’t know how to do their selves. This can include washing clothes, cooking food, handling money and even time management skills. Without these skills, students can become overwhelmed and retain poor grades in their classes. Students also get caught up in the social life on campus and being to focus on how their peers see them as opposed to making sure they have sufficient grades to pass their class. Not to mention that strong peer pressure that occurs on campus for students to try drugs and alcohol. Involving in such activities will affect a student’s work, if they can not balance their time and become too involved in malicious activity. All in all, students become too comfortable with the freedom they have on campus and don’t focus energy into school work. By putting your foot down and giving yourself the motivational push you need to stay focused and staying balanced with your actions on campus between academics and fun, college can be a fun, successful experience. Word Count:
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