The Prince of Los Cocuyos

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Judith Saka The Prince of Los Cocuyos By: Richard Blanco “The Prince of Los Cocuyos”, written by Richard Blanco, is a book that Richard wrote about his own upbringing. Richard’s family escapes from Cuba and comes to America. Encountering many obstacles along the way, Richard finally finds his place in American society. One main theme in the book is the concept of change and going beyond your comfort zone. Richard encounters many changes throughout the book such as going to new places and accepting the fact that he’s gay. The theme of this book can be related to my current disposition as a college student. As a freshman, there are many new beginnings which lead to the concept of change which I try to avoid because I’m scared of the unknown and many misunderstandings that may come with it. Reading this book gave me the confidence to overcome the obstacles that a college student might face along the way. My view on change relates to Richard’s in “The Prince of Los Cocuyus” because we both faced being misunderstood, new beginnings, changes in surroundings, trying to fit in and pursuing dreams. Transitioning from high school to college can cause many misunderstandings between teachers and students. One instance in the book that I found was an amazing comparison to being misunderstood was when Abuela took Richard to Winn Dixie because the chicken was on sale. As they were about to pay, the sales lady explained to them that there was a limit of two chickens per customer. Abuela completely flipped out and could not comprehend this fact (13,14). I took from this example that in college there will be many misunderstandings between teachers and students. A student might think he understood the requirements for an assignment but as he hands it in, he realizes this is not what the teacher meant at all. Online students are more prone to misunderstandings because they

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