Pros And Cons Of Co-Mingling Legislation

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Katie Gathman Professor Star College Comp 16 October 2013 Pro Co-Mingling Legislation Apart of the typical every day college experience would involve the opposite sex. Usually having mingled classes with both male and female is a good part of the college experience since it gives the opportunity to expand a persons social circle and gives the chance to intermingle with the opposite sex. Some students have come from all boy and all girl high schools, which they may not of experienced the opportunity to socialize and talk with the opposite sex. Saying all of this, I am against the Anti Co-Mingling Legislation because I believe that socialization with the opposite sex will help later in life, having the opposite sex in a classroom does…show more content…
Studies have shown that if two thousand students sign up for the fall semester at the end of the fall semester there is one thousand nine hundred and ninety students left. There is a 99% chance that if you sign up for the fall classes that you will still be in them at the end of the semester. The ten students that dropped out of classes most likely dropped out because of financial reasons, medical reasons, or they weren’t doing their duties as a student to be on class on time and study for tests, not because of the opposite gender. The opposite sex should not be affecting the retention rates. Students are not missing class to go scope out the opposite sex and to spend all day with them not attending any of their classes. Most students at Baldwin Wallace are either paying for their own college through their savings or loans, or their parents are paying for their college. For a student to miss class to be with the opposite sex would either be financially hurting themselves or their parents are most likely going to stop paying for the college if they aren’t attending their classes. The retention rate should have no affect on whether a campus is intermingled or not, it should have an affect on financial reasoning’s and a students study…show more content…
Bill Nye says that most students are distracted by the opposite sex because they are worried about looking good and making a good first impression on the opposite sex. This could be right for two students out of every twenty but then those students are also not doing what they wanted to be doing at college; getting a good education so they can get a better job. The fact that only a very few students are distracted by the opposite sex doesn’t mean that Baldwin Wallace should make a significant change for the rest of the student

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