Akeelah Is An Outstanding Speller

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Kaira Gonzalez Akeelah and The Bee Paper English___________ 11/12/2009 Akeelah and The Bee Akeelah is an outstanding speller. Labeled as the brainiac in her school every student makes fun of her. Akeelah tries to keep her smarts to herself in order to protect herself from other students who mean harm to her. Akeelah is offered to go to the spelling bee nationals but she doesn’t want to be considered a freak if she accepts. No one from her school has ever had a offer like this. Since Akeelah has ditched some of her classes several of times her principal threatens to give her a bad punishment for the rest of the year or she can substitute the punishment by accepting the spelling bee nationals. Under the pressure of the punishment Akeelah gave in the spelling nationals. After getting the hang of the whole spelling bee Akeelah begins to get the hang of something she finally can enjoy. Akeelah is coached by a English professor Dr. Joshua Larabee. Not only is Dr. Larabee her main support for the spelling bee, but he also becomes a friend towards Akeelah. At first there bond wasn’t quite well Akeelah wouldn’t speak proper English 100% which also upset her coach and after every day she coached with him she improved a lot better than before. Not only does Dr Larabee help out Akeelah ,but Akeelah also helps her coach break out of his shell from his past. Even though Akeelah feels protected and accepted around her coach and other former spelling bee friends she still gets mocked by her classmates and even her own mother is against her goal for the spelling bee. Her mother had issues dealing with her husband passing away and her one of Akeelahs brothers out on the streets doing bad things. Akeelah fights threw her afterschool activity and homework at the same time. Akeelah later finds her life revolved around the spelling bee. She slowly starts not doing her main
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