Get Me Out of Here by Rachel Reiland (My Book Report)

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I have always wondered what it would be like to have a family member with a personality disorder or if I had a personality disorder myself. I cannot fathom the thought of how horrific it must be. The struggles and the devastation it brings simply tear apart a person into shreds. But I do know one thing about it all, and that is that recovery is always possible. This book is about a young woman suffering and trying to overcome her borderline personality disorder. It is here to declare that raging mental illness CAN be cured. A twenty-nine-year-old woman by the name of Rachel Reiland is an accountant, wife, and mother of two young children, Jeffrey and Melissa. In her early childhood Rachel grew up with a very strict and rude father, a dependent, weak mother, and a caring sister. Her parents never realized that after every meal Rachel would secretly go to the bathroom upstairs and throw up everything she had eaten. Her father would beat her up and treat her like trash and her mother would just stand there and not say a word because she was weak and always did as Rachel’s dad said. In her kindergarten class, Rachel treated all the other little girls with rudeness, anger, and jealousy towards anyone who was better than her. She often spent her days in the principal’s office because of her strong character and misbehaviors. Rachel grew up, went through her dating stage, and then finally met a wonderful man that she could not picture herself without; a caring, positive, supportive husband that goes by the name of Tim. But there were also negative aspects to all of this, Rachel would burst out in anger on a regular basis and yell at Tim for almost anything and then suddenly manipulated him. Out of frustration, Rachel began taking nightly walks in and out of her neighborhood to “get away from it all”. Every time she had a heated argument with her husband she would race

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