Unfair School Funding

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Shelby Hunt Instructor Brewer Engl 1301 October 8, 2014 Unfair School Funding As I was filling out my schedule for the next school year, I realized I needed another elective to get me to the right amount of credits I need to graduate. I knew exactly what elective I wanted, Cosmetology. It was a two year program that would benefit me in the long run after school. I skimmed through the list of different options, but only to see it was not there. I asked my consoler if there was a misprint or if they had gotten rid of the program altogether. Mrs. Walker replies, “I’m sorry to inform you Shelby, but our school budget couldn’t cover the cost.” I was really looking forward to enrolling in a class that would get me my license in cosmetology.…show more content…
However, there is no law that states that there has to be a certain pie chart over what gets spent and how much of the fund goes to a specific area. With that being said, there is no exact way to get equal funding to every extra curricular activities. For example, football is one of the favored extra activities in the larger varieties of schools. Therefore, capturing the majority of the school bodies attention in turn this is also consuming millions of government's public schools budget. “There are some line items labeled “athletics,” [In government public school budget] mostly accounting for the salaries of athletics administrators and coaching stipends. Coaching stipends and administrators alone cost [roughly] $2 million a year. But, buried deep in the budget are myriad costs associated with athletics that get rolled into facility spending, transportation and supply budgets. When you account for all the miles of athletic tape, the electricity for lights, fertilizer and lawn mowers for grass, wear and tear on buses and dozens of other costs it adds up to millions.” On the contrary, questionable proposition of the budget spent in relevance to Academics is furthering education outside of
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