Causes Of A Failing Educational System

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Causes of Failing in the educational system It is unfortunate that now in such an advance era, the educational system is not a strong point in society and continues to fail. Education is one of the most important steps in creating a life in this social age. There are several reasons the educational system could be failing in showing importance in a student’s life. Some of the main reasons believed to be for a failing educational system are: funding, accountability, and “one size fits all” curriculum teaching. To begin with, Funding for the educational system is greatly based on the local property taxes in the area of a public school, and is one major cause of failing public schools, due to unequal funding and lack in necessary instructive and learning tools. Due to this unfair funding in school districts, low income districts, are having schools that are unable to afford essential materials to create success in their learning environments. States and districts have created standardized testing that students must pass to qualify for graduation of a grade level, or distribution of funding to their school. How can underprivileged schools keep up in testing with wealthy schools that have all the ability to give their students “hands-on” teaching, and all necessary equipment? In the article “reforming school funding” by Kathy Koch, the author briefly portrays the experience of a student from a wealthy school, Lauren. As Lauren visits the poverty-stricken inner city school of Harper High School, Lauren states, “Those Harper students can learn all they want from a chemistry book, but unless they see the experiments done, they won't understand it.” Along with the question of funding of schools, the question of who is responsible for the under graduation of these students; comes in to play. So who is responsible for the failing of these students? The next issue of

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